On the 26th floor of a city apartment, 3 broken hearts find a balm in sharing music, food and creations with one another. Gradually, these evenings grew in size, but retained their intimacy. Every fortnight, up to 10 people would meet and exchange secrets, memories, questions and ideas into the morn. Partners came and went. There’d always be wine and almost always hummus. These nights were kind and critical.

One day, someone decided to move away. One day, someone else got a job with longer hours. London got too expensive for a couple of people. Then someone got detained at the border… It became very difficult to continue hosting these sharings on a regular basis. It was very hard to get all the brilliant brains into same room.

The Egg is an attempt at creating an ‘other’ space in which the spirit of sharings can live. Now, we can share from Cyprus, from Estonia, from Swaziland, from Hong Kong, from San Francisco, from Singapore. We can share from London, from Berlin, from Uruguay, from Edinburgh, from Bosnia, from Ireland, from Iceland. Geography will not stop us now. But it would be nice to see each other flesh to flesh at some point. Maybe when one of us gets a aero-bus and learns to drive it.

Each month, the site will host 10 original articles with 10 original accompanying images. Here, we like playing with convention, and putting things out there ourselves (as opposed to waiting for other people to do it for us); we’ll try things out, we’ll develop our craft as well as our tastes. Where things go after that is anyone’s guess.

We’re glad you’re here.

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